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Marsha Olderr Artistry

Anne Rice Rosengate House (Prints)

Anne Rice Rosengate House (Prints)

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Another of Anne Rice's homes in New Orleans, the Rosengate House served as a backdrop for several of Anne Rice's books. The house is located in an area of New Orleans known for its supernatural activity. The massive, ca. 1857 home was built originally for a prosperous family. The Rosengate name comes from the rosette pattern in the cast iron fence. The house resonates with the activities of the Mayfairs, a family of witches invented by Gothic fiction author Anne Rice. Ghostly interactions are another supernatural aspect of the home--the apparition of Miss Pamela Starr Crapp was particularly active in the 1950s but has continued to be an otherworldly aspect of this gorgeous home.

16 in. x 20 in. Print 

Printed on Photo Luster stock. Photo Luster is a 290 gsm, 11.4 mil. thick bright white luster paper. The paper features a microporous resin coating and a 96% opacity coating.


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